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  • GOAL


ABOUT Erin Regan

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  • Erin R

    “Let’s get to 50k before the event”

  • Rosalie R


  • Lynn K

    “Good luck, Erin! So proud of you!”

  • Margot W


  • Dawn K

    “Erin, Thank you for your support!”

  • Kathleen G

    “You got this Erin!! We are cheering you on from PA!! ❤️❤️😊”

  • Rachel R

    “I am so proud of you! I love you bff”

  • Amanda K

    “Good luck!”

  • Scott B

    “Great job Erin!!!”

  • Dan R

    “Good luck Erin! Aunt Janet and Uncle Danny”

  • Caitlin C

    “Get it!!”

  • Michelle R

    “Sounds like fun!! Aunt Michelle and Uncle Michael”

  • Lisa B

    “Based on an awesome St. Patrick’s Day dog walk MANY years ago - AND a ton of other evidence - I know that Erin Regan can accomplish ANYTHING she sets her mind and heart to do!”

  • Jamie R

    “What a worthy cause Erin, best of luck to you!”

  • Krevis F

    “Good luck Erin!”

  • Carol D

    “You are doing a great job, Erin! Always in my prayers, Aunt Carol”

  • Timothy R

    “We couldn't be more proud of you. You inspire us everyday by your willingness to help others. Never change! Mom & Dad”

  • Andrew S

    “Good luck in achieving your goals, and ........please don’t let go of the rope!!!!!”

  • Ann D

    “Don't look down!”

  • Meredith S

    “Go Erin! So proud of all that you do! You’re my idol :)”

  • Maria D

    “Go Erin. If anyone can do it is you. You are my inspiration my GUERRERA.”

  • Kristine B

    “GO ERIN!!! Thank the Lord for your energy and big heart!”

  • Donna G

    “Good luck, Erin! Sounds terrifying to this "extremely afraid of heights" person. So proud of you for going outside of your comfort zone for such a great cause!”