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ABOUT Jessica Vilonna

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  • Jared W

    “Send it!”

  • Lauren D

    “Good luck today Jes! Xo”

  • Ellen A

    “Giving back a little at a time. Go Jess!”

  • Ellen A

    “Giving back a little at a time. Go Jess!”

  • Cat R

    “You got this, sissy!! 💪🏼👏🏼👏🏼”

  • Kimi M

    “You're awesome!”

  • Kevin A

    “Don’t look down! J/k great cause and good luck. Love, Gator”

  • Tyler M

    “Get it girl!”

  • Seth A

    “Go Jess!”

  • Ryan N

    “Get it giiiiiiiirl!!!”

  • Cyndi Y

    “Rock on Jess!!!!!”

  • Cassandra S

    “Thank you for being such an awesome human <3”

  • Paul B

    “You got this!”

  • Brian C


  • Chelsea G

    “You got this girl!!!”

  • Jillian B

    “WIsh we could be there cheering you on! xoxo-Brett and Jillian”

  • Toni C

    “Michael and I will be there Saturday!!!”

  • Lauren J

    “Good luck Jess!!”

  • Dawn L

    “Go Jess!! ❤️”

  • Thierry B

    “You go, Jess!!”

  • Sunny B

    “Yesssss gurl!!!! Sending you cheers from CA!”

  • Corrin C

    “Sorry I missed you at Regional tonight! You go girl!! 💪🏼”

  • Melody K

    “GO JESS!”

  • Jordan V

    “Send it for the homeless! Love you!”

  • Gavin G

    “Don’t look down.”

  • Alistair W

    “Yes girl. Enjoy the way down.”

  • Matt L

    “You the best.”

  • David R

    “Way to go Jess! Jacque & David”

  • Daria S

    “Good luck, Jess!!”

  • Vicki B

    “Jess you are my SHERO!”

  • Taylor M

    “So proud of you!!!! You go girl!!!!!”

  • Ralph V

    “Go Jessie!!!”

  • Nicole K

    “Homelessness is such a huge problem in West Palm right now, so proud of you for being proactive and taking the lead.”

  • Isaac C

    “Don’t look down 😀”

  • Alexandra D

    “Proud of you! Love, Ali, Arthur, Charlotte, and Carter”

  • Amen L

    “Go Jess, So proud of you!”

  • David And Lindsay S

    “Go Jess!”