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  • GOAL


ABOUT #teamwhyknot


  • Mindy T

    “GReat Job, especially Jodi!!!”

  • Kevin J

    “You rock”

  • Berta E

    “Great charity!!!”

  • Donna S

    “Awesome job reaching your goal!! Have an Awesome time as you Rappel Good Luck 🍀 Happy to help support a great cause Donna”

  • Amy S

    “You're amazing!”

  • Kristi B

    “What a fun and exciting way to raise money for a worthy cause! Love it!”

  • Caroline G

    “go #teamwhyknot!!!!”

  • Eileen K

    “Can’t wait to watch you do this big feat! Great work and great cause. Lots of love!!!”

  • Kimberly K

    “Marice, You're the epitome of adventure! Wish I could be there with you! Happy to donate to such a worthy organization :)”

  • Jennifer R

    “Best of luck Jodi and #Teamwhyknot!”

  • Patricia F

    “You are amazing Marci! Good luck to you and the whole team!! #teamwhyknot”

  • Kristen C

    “You are crazy and I love it!! Goodluck!”

  • Danny S

    “Go Jodi!!”

  • Lori G

    “Good luck!”

  • Michele R

    “Good luck ladies !”

  • Tracy C

    “Marcie, I love that you are all in, 100% for whatever you want to tackle !”

  • Pamela P

    “Love you Marci!”

  • Wendy P

    “Marcie & Jodi=Superstars.”

  • Sheri K

    “Love that you guys are doing this for such an important cause!”

  • Jason W

    “You are insane. Love, The Weiss Family”

  • Alan M

    “Great cause! Good luck!”

  • Manda G

    “This is such a creative way to raise money for a very important cause!!! I will be biting my nails as you guys do this but will certainly cheer you on and support you!!! Xoxo Manda”

  • Sandy D

    “So excited for you guys! Will be cheering you on from the ground!!”

  • Tammi H

    “Good luck to you and your team!! XOXO”

  • Bruce G

    “Great job Jodi. Proud of you, but BE CAREFUL coming down the side of the building. Seriously, BE CAREFUL!! Keep up the good work. You're my hero.”

  • Marc G

    “Drop with Style, Jodi Brunsvold & Team WhyKnot”

  • Brian D

    “Good luck to #teamwhynot!!”

  • Starr K

    “Go Sean!!”

  • Bob K

    “Go get em Marcie!!!”

  • Bob K

    “I hope you make it all the way and aren't left "hanging"!!!”

  • Mary S

    “You got this!!!”

  • Jessica K

    “Good Luck Jodi and Teamwhyknot!”