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  • GOAL


ABOUT Team Clematis!


  • Annie And Mia W

    “Let\'s go A-A-ron!”

  • Annie And Mia W

    “Let's go A-A-ron!”

  • Louis M

    “Keep climbing!”

  • Roady O

    “If Jackson can donate, so can I!”

  • Edwin W

    “Don’t hurt yourself!”

  • Trina S

    “Good luck”

  • Cynthia M

    “After you go down, I will contribute more if you can climb back up!”

  • Robert N

    “Don’t forget to fill out your organ donor card”

  • Jackson McSwagger W

    “Woof woof!”

  • Jeanne T

    “Break a leg Aaron but that’s it!!!”


    “Good luck on your great adventure.”

  • Peter C

    “Will you have an open bar at your last supper event?”

  • Kimberly M

    “Happy to assist your repelling episode from the comfort and safety of my office :) Important cause and great organization!”

  • Aaron W

    “Thanks for joining #TeamClematis - I'll see you on the way down!”

  • Terri G

    “It’s a great thing you’re doing, Aaron! Just don’t look down!”

  • Clint F

    “Aaron, great idea! I will keep my feet on the ground and watch you.”

  • Armando F

    “Just don't fall!”

  • Robert H

    “Hey Aaron, go get ‘em! If possible, post Palms West Monthly instead of my name. Good luck.”

  • Cheryl D

    “Good Luck and Be Careful!”

  • Brian R

    “GO A-ARON!!!”

  • Kenneth S

    “Way to go Aaron. Let me know if you wind up short of the goal. Ken Schechet”

  • Perrie S

    “You got this!”