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  • GOAL


ABOUT Ward Damon, PL


  • Ruth M

    “Rooting for you Eddie! Thanx for all you do for the community...”

  • Abby B

    “You’ve got this!”

  • Marilyn S

    “I\'m rooting for you, Eddie. I am also afraid of heights, so I know it takes a lot of courage to rappel for this great cause.”

  • David H

    “Go Eddie!”

  • Amye S

    “You are truly amazing Eddie! Be safe & have fun! See you tomorrow! ~Amye”

  • Laura S

    “Go Eddie!!!!!!!!!!! So proud of you! Best, Laura”

  • Ralph W

    “Your a good man, Mr. Stephens. Don’t look down”

  • Sally B

    “Go Katrina! You got this! #mainegirl #teamwarddamon”

  • Robert O

    “I know this is a bit obvious, but please be sure the knot is tied right ;)”

  • Julie H

    “Be Safe! Thank you for caring.”

  • Kerbon H

    “Great Job, Eddie! #SpiralOut -Seamus O’Heath”

  • Carol S

    “Because you're such an inspiration, I have to donate a second time !”

  • Heather M

    “Good luck, have fun, and thank you for all that you do for our community!”

  • Donald S

    “Don't puke....”

  • Heidi N

    “Thanks for all you do for the community.”

  • Stacy H

    “...for ActualFlatticus, sorely missed”

  • Caryn S

    “Go #TeamWardDamon!”

  • Dane L

    “don't look down”

  • Bill L

    “Thanks for being the (controlled) fall guy for a great cause Eddie!”

  • Andrew K

    “Good luck Eddie!”

  • Eddie S

    “Go #TeamWardDamonRappelTeam”

  • Michael B


  • Heidi P

    “Go get em!!!!”

  • Sylvie P

    “Good Luck!”


    “This is AWESOME!!!! Great bunch of human beings!”

  • Pamela S

    “I know you will succeed!”

  • Kathleen D

    “The Lord's Place is a great charity. We want to come and watch you rappel.”

  • Jeannie J

    “Way to go, Renee!!”

  • Michael O

    “Way to get over your fear for a good cause Eddie! Remember, don’t look down!!!”

  • Don S

    “Tell Eddie I said hello”

  • Ted B

    “Don't fall, lol”

  • Capucine M

    “You got it Renee, happy, healthy and wonderful new year!”

  • Eddie S

    “Go #TeamWardDamon”

  • Debbie L

    “Have a blast!!!!”

  • Debbie L

    “So proud of you and our whole team!!!!”

  • Adam S

    “Go Team!”

  • Angela C

    “Go Karla! Go #teamwarddamon!”

  • Caryn S

    “Happy to support you all in this goal! Go Girl!”

  • Michelle H

    “Get it girl! #teamwarddamon”

  • Eddie S

    “Go #TeamWardDamon”

  • Christina Z

    “Go Team Ward Damon!”

  • Conrad D

    “Go team Ward Damon”

  • Pamela W

    “Don\'t get hurt.”

  • Denise B

    “Go Team Ward Damon!!!”

  • Andrew S

    “"YOU CAN DO IT"”

  • Michael C

    “Congrats Cat .. Great cause.”

  • IAN P

    “Cathleen, You go (off the roof) GIRL!!”

  • Rana G

    “Thank you for supporting this worthy cause! I have total faith in your success.”

  • Debbie L

    “You go, girl! Better you than me....”

  • Kathrine A

    “All in the name of a great cause! REPRESENT”

  • Karla R

    “May the force be with you !”

  • Emily G

    “Don't look down! Never look back ;-)”

  • Dana R

    “If anyone can do it it’s you!”

  • Marian S

    “I know you can do it, Eddie !!!”

  • Chris P

    “Best of Luck Eddie!”

  • Clelia P

    “Soar like an eagle, Cathleen! Good luck!”

  • Clelia P

    “You always amaze and inspire me, Eddie - good luck!”

  • Janet J

    “Go for it Eddie! Love Janet”

  • Sandra H

    “Good luck Eddie!”

  • Susan C

    “Eddie: You reach higher and higher to help those in need! Keep soaring.”

  • Heather W

    “Go Eddie👍🏼❗️”

  • Jeff P

    “Go Eddie!!!!!”